Plate Burning

Triad Metal’s plate burning capabilities offer two different varieties each with its own set of advantages to the customer.

CNC Hi-Def Plasma Cutting

A process used to cut steel and aluminum to a desired shape utilizing a plasma torch.  This process uses an electrical arc that is formed through an inert gas or compressed air turning that gas to plasma.  The plasma heats the metal to its melting point and blows it away.  The plasma burning machine utilizes its’ CNC capabilities to cut the desired shape.  The CNC controlled machine is driven by a program that is prepared on site from a customer supplied drawing from either .dxf or .dwg files, or from a hard copy blueprint.

The Hi-Def Plasma cutter uses a tighter nozzle than standard plasma cutting to concentrate the plasma arc, resulting in a higher tolerance finished product that requires little or no edge grinding.  Two plasma torches, one of which is a bevel torch, and 2 oxy-fuel torches, and a drill head are mounted on the machine.

Other operations performed on this machine are scribing items such as part numbers, centerlines, bend lines and center marks, to name a few.


Oxy Fuel

  • Burn up to 8” thick with 5 torches.
  • Can accommodate plates up to 10′ X 66′


  • Cut plate up to 3″ in thickness
  • Can accommodate plates up to 10’ x 66’
  • Other operations that can be performed are tapping, countersinking and counterboring.
  • ProNest nesting software and AutoCAD


Oxy Fuel Plate Burning

Utilizing oxygen and propylene this process can burn through plate several inches thick.  Driven by CNC (Computer Numerical Control) part programs it can produce shapes made to specific dimensions.  Oxy-fuel is usually used to cut thicker material.  Hi-def plasma gives a tighter  tolerance and smoother cut and oxy-fuel burned material usually needs edge grinding as a secondary operation to finish the processing.

Plate Processing

  • Triad Metals, Plate in Pittsburgh
  • Triad Metals Barge unloading
  • IMG_0316
  • IMG_0317
  • IMG_0322
  • IMG_1302
  • IMG_0236
  • IMG_1339
  • IMG_2209
  • Processed plate packaged and ready for shipment.
  • Processed plate burned per print to include a 45 degree bevel.
  • Processed plate burned per print to include a 45 degree bevel.
  • Plasma cut part processed per print.
  • Part being plasma cut including burned holes.
  • All processed parts are cleaned prior to packaging and shipment.
  • Plate processed per print.
  • Steel plate cut into circles and staged to be cleaned prior to packaging and shipment.
  • Steel plate being drilled on our Messer TMC 4500.
  • Parts being processed per print and nested to maximize plate utilization.
  • Overhead warehouse view.
  • Parts burned per print for the Railroad industry.
  • Connector plates drilled per print for the bridge industry on our Messer TMC 4500.