Saw Cutting

Triad Metals offers a variety of value added processes and Saw Cutting is one of our most common. Through the use of our CNC enabled saws, we are able to save our Customers time and money, as well as produce cut to length pieces with little to no scrap.Our operators use a system of roller conveyors and transfer tables to handle the material in/out feeds of the saws.  Although we generally process single pieces at a time, our saws have the flexibility to cut stock bundles as well.

The net result of our investment in automation allows us to competitively price all cut to length jobs while maintaining a high level of accuracy and customer satisfaction.


Our saws generally have a max width of 44” and a 21” height giving us a wide array of capabilities to cut singles or bundles, including wide flange beam, i-beam, tube, pipe, channel, angle, flat bar, and solid round stock.

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