T-Splitting is another integral part of our wide array of services that Triad Metals strives to offer to our customers.

T-Splits are made by splitting a wide flange beam down the web yielding a pair of tee’s and are available in grade Grade A992 or Grade 50 steel. Though wide flange beams are the typical product used by our customers, the option for Offset Angels can also be produced using the same machine by running Channel products through. That gives Triad Metals another product line to offer to our customers by saving time and offering a product line that is not produced by the mills.

Our T-Split line consists of roller conveyors, transfer tables, and screw type lifting rollers to speed the process in the operation. Our T-Split machines are fully programmable from the heating process, splitting, and to the cooling process, all speeding the process up and taking minimal time to produce the T-Splits.

Typical applications for Structural tees include roof trusses and ship building.


Structural tee sizes are now available up to a maximum width of 30” wide and a maximum thickness of 5/8”.

  • T Splitting
  • T Splitting
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  • Triad Metals Structural Steel I-Beam. Photo credit: Mallory Gruzenski