Triad Metal International has grown to become one of the premier distributors of structural steel; angles, channel, I-Beams, wide flange beams, tubing, pipe, piling and plate products in the wide market area of the United States and Canada. 


Structural angles have an L-shaped cross section that is used in many structural steel applications.


Our merchant bar products consist of flats, rounds, squares, strips and UM plates. Custom shapes can also be ordered.


I-Beams, also known as standard beams, are available in a wide range of sizes.


Wide Flange beams

Wide Flange beams have flanges that are nearly parallel to the web of the material unlike the traditional I-Beam.



Structural steel channel can be used for many different applications: manufacturing of buildings, tractor trailers, and frame chassis for vehicles.


Pipe has many uses commonly found in steam, water, gas and air lines applications.



Carbon steel plate has many applications in manufacturing. Because of this they offer the ability to withstand tremendous weights and pressures.



Triad Metals offers many different sizes, widths, lengths and specifications for Sheet.



Structural Tubing is a hollow section most commonly constructed from hot rolled metal coils.