Triad Metals offers many different sizes, widths, lengths and specifications for Sheet.

HOT ROLLED – Commercial Quality Sheets produced from low carbon steel and intended for uses involving simple bending or moderate drawing and welding.  A wide variety of applications from agriculture implements to automotive equipment, from blower and ventilating systems to hot air registers, from stub barrels and drums to bins and partitions.

HOT ROLLED PICKLED & OILED – Pickled & Oiled Sheets should be used when the tight oxide scale present on Hot Rolled Sheets is objectionable. Pickled and Oiled Sheets with their superior smooth clean surface are recommended for stamping or ordinary drawing applications.  After cleaning they can be painted or enameled.

Sheet Sizes

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Processing, Our Capabilities

  • Through our global transportation network, we can customize our supply chain to get you your order in the most efficient way possible.
    Supply Chain Services
  • We offer Barge loading & unloading with 220,000sq feet of under cover storage.
    Barge Unloading
  • We have the ability to produce engineered-to-order parts that meet your specifications.
    Plate Processing
  • We process sheet and coil to meet your dimensional and tolerance requirements.
    Structural Processing