Our History:

Established in 1987, Triad Metals International is a privately held, independent company who has grown to become one of the premier distributors of structural steel, tubing, pipe, piling and plate products in the United States and Canada. With humble beginnings in Pennsylvania, the company has expanded through the support of our customers, with 6 locations in Indiana, Virginia, Alabama and Ontario, Canada.  And while we are dedicated to steel distribution, we continue to improve our offerings with processing and service solutions to meet the changing landscape and needs of our customers. With future expansions on the horizon, Triad Metals will continue to grow in order to bring the best steel solutions and service to our customers.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Triad Metals Pittsburgh Sign

Our Mission:

Listen. Care. Do. More. At the core of our company’s mission is the importance of strong relationships that extends from our employees to our customers and vendors alike. The need to innovate and constantly look ahead is another guiding directive of our professional team. We understand the importance of working for our customers’ continued satisfaction through excellent response and commitment to provide the steel needed to meet your needs. We work hard to develop long term, mutually beneficial relationships. At Triad Metals we remain steadfast in delivering exceptional service to each and every customer, each and every day.