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The Largest Size Metal Tubes Made

Jumbo HSS are typically used in vertical columns and diagonal bracing applications. They offer enhanced performance for large, long-span trusses and are a superior, cost-effective alternative to open sections and built-up, welded box sections used in structures with a high load demand.

Quality, Ease, Savings

Triad Metals Jumbo HSS Stack

All of Triad’s hollow structural sections (HSS) are readily available through service centers across North America. Our proprietary products, ASTM A1085 HSS and jumbo sizes of ASTM A500 HSS and CSA G40.21 HSS, are no exception. Find them easily through the locations listed below.

Triad Metals Jumbo HSS Round


28″ OD x 1.00″ Wall

Triad Metals Jumbo HSS Rectangle


34″ x 10″ x 1.00″ Wall

Triad Metals Jumbo HSS Square


22″ Square x 1.00″ Wall