News Release:

PZC Stocking locations throughout the USA

(Sacramento, CA - Denver, CO - Houston, TX - Birmingham, AL - Columbia City, IN - Pittsburgh, PA - Petersburg, VA)

Available in PZC 13, PZC 18, and PZC 26.

Triad Metals piling is STRONGER than ever.


953 Farewell St, Oshawa, ON L1H 6N8, Canada

Offering – Cut to Size:
56” Kaltenback Cold Saw capable of cutting
up to 40” beams at 655 Lbs/ft
Several band saws up to 40” wide

Triad Metals stocks the following:
Wide Flange Beams 4” through 36” in lengths up to 65’
Tubing from 2” square through 22” square
in lengths up to 60’
Angles from 1 x 1 through 8 x 8
Channels 3” through 18” in lengths up to 60’
Flat bar 1/4’ x 1” through 1” x 12”
Rounds and squares 3/8” through 2”

Ready to process:
Single beams for fabricators
Bundle cutting for repetitive lengths and OEM customers

Triad Metals Jumbo HSS Logo

The Largest Size Metal Tubes Made

Jumbo HSS are typically used in vertical columns and diagonal bracing applications. They offer enhanced performance for large, long-span trusses and are a superior, cost-effective alternative to open sections and built-up, welded box sections used in structures with a high load demand.