• Merchant Bar Quality steel shapes and sizes offers unlimited amounts of applications and Triad Metals is your source for anything you need in this category of steel.
• Angles: Angles have an L-shaped cross section that is used in many structural and OEM applications
• Channels: This “C” shaped section has unlimited uses, from the small bar channels to the large structural sizes, and MC Channels
• HR Bars: Offering shapes including Flats, Rounds, Squares, Handrail, and more
• UM Plate: We stock all large section flats, commonly referred to as UM plate
• Common Grades: ASTM A36, A529GR50, A36/572gr50, A709G36, A588, 44W, GR50, GR55, M1022, M1044

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Bar Channels
Misc. Channels
UM Plate
Handrail & Tees & Rebar

Our Merchant Bar products are comprised of Hot Rolled Carbon in a number of sub-categories of shapes. We offer many different sizes, lengths and specifications for Merchant Bar.  Structural steel channel can be used for many different applications. Some examples can be seen in the manufacturing of buildings, residential and non-residential construction, tractor trailers, gym equipment, racks, conveyors, barges and ship-building and an infinite number of OEM parts.
Merchant Bar Quality – A group of commodity steel shapes that consist of rounds, squares, flats, and strips, to which fabricators, steel service centers and manufacturers cut, bend and shape into products. Merchant products require more specialized processing than reinforcing bar.
M1020 – A low carbon, general purpose, merchant quality steel. Suitable for forming and welding.
M1044 – Medium carbon bars that are used where greater strength is required. Due to higher carbon content this grade is easily heat treatable but does not weld easily.
ASTM A36 – Standard specification for carbon structural steel. This specification covers shapes of structural quality for use in riveted, bolted, or welded construction of bridges and buildings, and for general structural purposes as well as OEMs.
ASTM A572 – Standard specification for high-strength low-alloy structural steel. This specification covers five grades of high-strength low-alloy shapes intended for riveted, bolted, or welded construction of bridges, or for other construction applications.
ASTM A588 – Standard specification for high-strength low-alloy structural steel. This specification covers shapes for welded, riveted, or bolted construction but intended primarily for use in welded bridges and buildings where savings in weight or added durability is important. The atmospheric corrosion resistance of this steel in most environments is substantially better than that of carbon steels with or without copper addition.
ASTM A709 – Standard specification for carbon and high-strength low-alloy shapes. This specification covers shapes, and bars intended for use in bridges. Seven grades are available in four yield strengths.
ASTM A992 – Standard specification for steel for structural shapes for use in building framing. This specification covers rolled shapes for use in building framing or bridges, or for general structural purposes.


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