Plate Processing:

Plasma and Oxy Cutters, Beveling, Drilling and Tapping.

• Plasma Cut through 2″ Thick Plate.
• Bevel 45 Degrees through 1-1/2″ Thick Plate.
• Oxy Cut through 8″ Thick Plate
• Part Marking: Pin Stamp or Plasma Etch
• Drilling: 4″ Maximum diameter hole 4″ Maximum plate thickness.
• Tapping 1/2″ thick thru 2″ thick.
• Capable of handling 120″ wide x 60′ long plate

Triad Metals Oxy Burn Table

Plasma Cut through 2" Thick Plate.

Plasma cutting uses an electrical arc formed with a gas to create a higher-quality finished product that requires little or no edge grinding. Plasma cutting is able to hold a standard tolerance of +/- 1/16″. All of our plate burning tables are programmed using state of the art CAD/CAM software to ensure the greatest accuracy from the simplest to the most complex parts.

Oxy Cut through 8" Thick Plate.

Oxy-fuel cutting, otherwise known as flame cutting, enables the cutting of far thicker material than plasma (up to 8″ thick), but the resulting edge is less clean. Depending on your application, a secondary operation such as edge grinding may be necessary to provide the desired cut edge quality.

Beveling up to 45 degrees and 1-3/8” thick.

A bevel or chamfer is an edge of a piece of material that is not perpendicular to the face of that piece. In the steel industry, precut edges are available in precise angles up to 45 degrees for assembly preparation.

Triad Metals Plate Bevel

Pin Stamp or Plasma Etch.

Pin stamping and plasma etching is available on all of Triad’s burning tables.

Triad Metals Pin Stamp Etch
Triad Metals Plate Process Drills

Drilling: 4" Maximum diameter hole 4" Maximum plate thickness

Tapping ½" thick thru 2" thick

Messer Cutting Systems

The workhorse and industry leader when it comes to excellence in thermal cutting.


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