Structural Processing:

At Triad Metals, we offer steel processing capabilities, both in house and through our extensive network of preferred vendors, to provide a broad range of services to meet most of your needs.

• Bundle Cutting, Miter & Bevel to 45 degrees
• Holes & Coping
• Plasma Cut through 2″ Thick Plate & Bevel, Oxy Cut through 8″ Thick Plate, Tap and Drill, Pin stamp/Parts etching
• Dip and Galvanizing
• Pile Processing
• Parts and kitting
• And more….

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Triad Metals Tubes Cutting

Bundle Cutting, Miter & Bevel to 45 degrees.

Bundle Cutting is the process of cold sawing using band saws or circular saw blades. With advancements in technology and materials, higher tolerances can be maintained while increasing speeds, generating squarer cuts and extending blade life. A miter saw (also known as chop saws) can be positioned at a variety of angles and lowered onto a board positioned against a backstop. Roller conveyors and transfer tables aid in automating the process thereby saving time and money.

Holes & Coping

A technique in which a part of the web of an I-beam or T-beam is cut out at the end of the beam. The hole in the piece of steel allows a welder to weld the plate to another part of the structure with a continuous weld (the full width on both top and bottom sides of the flange). Without the weld access hole, the middle of the welded pieces would be blocked.

Triad Metals Structural Process Tubes

Dip and Galvanizing

galvanization is the process of coating steel with zinc to protect it from atmospheric corrosion thereby extending its lifespan. Commonly used where corrosion resistance is needed without the higher cost of stainless steel or special coatings that require repeated applications. Galvanized steel is more resistant to scratches and offers the advantage of being able to be welded.


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